Innovator 300

Meal management made simple, portable and badass.
Einfach unterwegs und auf Reisen mit 3 Mahlzeiten, Wasserflaschen, Snacks und Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln.

3 auslaufsichere Transportboxen
2 großen Gefrierkühlpacks
1 ergonomische Schultergurt
1 Box für Nahrungsergänzungsmittel XL


6 Pack Fitness™ has worked tirelessly to bring function and design into the world of fitness gear unlike ever before.So you can forget the tired lunchboxes of yesteryear, as our meal managment travel bags will offer support in completing your fitness goals, no matter where your day takes you. Now live the 6 Pack Fitness™ lifestyle and Travel Fit™.


6 Pack Fitness™ creates iconic meal management bags, luggage, and meal management travel gear for serious athletes, bodybuilding, CrossFit™ and fitness enthusiasts. We provide stylish and innovative solutions for those who live and breathe fitness. Our products are designed to keep every athlete organized and prepared. As a result they can focus on training hard, eating right, and traveling fit.

What inspires us? Design and function. That is why we integrate these elements to meet the specific needs of athletes who carry their gear, meals, and sport nutrition products from point A to point B through Z. This is how our bags keep them organized, helping them stay on target with their fitness and nutritional goals, no matter where their day takes them.

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